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Are you a Genius?

Geniuses are those who have the intelligence, enthusiasm, and endurance to acquire the needed expertise in a valued domain of achievement. – unknown

The word genius is often used to describe someone who has attained great success in a particular field of endeavor. Unfortunately, using the word genius tends to create a magical and mystical aura about the person and their achievement – as if the typical person were incapable of such skill, wisdom, insight or excellence. The truth is in the above definition, that genius comes from developing intelligence, enthusiasm and endurance – which every human being is capable of doing!

Can you develop intelligence? Of course you can! The dictionary defines intelligence simply as the ability to learn. Valuable intelligence comes from your personal study, observation, experience, insight, continuous learning and personal pondering. Too many have given up on the perpetual pursuit of learning and intelligence. How would you rate your intelligence and learning today?

Enthusiasm is always part of the success quotient. It doesn’t require you to shout from the rooftops, jump for joy or race about like a person possessed. Enthusiasm is defined as intense and eager interest or zeal. From the Greek en = in and theos = God. So enthusiasm suggest an ability to tap into a God-like power coming from within. Enthusiasm unleashes your true potential in every area of life and business. How would you rate your enthusiasm today?

Finally, endurance – also a regular in any study of success and achievement. Endurance is defined as the ability to last, to hold up, to continue and to last. It seems so simple to just keep showing up and just keep at it – yet many give up and give in as their minds wander and doubt begins to develop. Endurance is more a discipline of the mind than it is a tactic or skill. Those who posses this discipline can succeed at just about anything they put their mind to. How would you rate your endurance today?

If you are not happy with where you are today in your personal or professional life, evaluate these three areas, then begin anew to consciously and consistently develop these traits. With intelligence, enthusiasm and endurance you too can be or become a genius!

~ Copyright EDGE (Expert Directed Guided Education)

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